“Torris Babel”

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“Torris Babel” Is inspired by the original Tower of Babel store of the Bible, The inspiration comes in as a world city displaying architecture from all of the worlds ancient and modern cultures and civilizations, the inspiring vision is that the world has come together in a new Golden Age of Enlightenment for humanity, where everyone helps each other live their Best Life, health, wealth, relationships, ets…


Original Painting by Yankiel Mompeller, This is one of Mr Mompeller’s most original paintings, using mix media, acrylic, prisma colours, and pen and pencil. Displaying Geometric patterns throughout the art piece and strong Spiritual and Metaphysical Symbol, this is with out a doubt one of Yankiel’s best and original art work from the year 2012.

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Weight 13 lbs
Dimensions 34 × 2 × 43 in


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